Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products should arrive free from defects and undamaged.  If, in the unfortunate event your order arrives damaged, please notify us within seven working days, so that we can arrange for the necessary claims to be made and replacements to be provided.

The lifespan of our products will vary depending upon usage and the quality of fitting.  Good surface preparation will ensure our decals stick well and for a long time - in particular wax, cleaning products and dirt must be removed prior to installation.  If they come off or peel at the edges then installation has not been completed properly.

Our products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Manufacturers quote the lifespan of vinyl 'up to' - we use an 'up to 7-10-year' grade vinyl for our cut-vinyl decals which is the expected lifespan in a Central European climate.  In a southern European/high UV exposure climate, lifespan can be reduced.

All decals will fade over time - these will not fade as fast as your cheapy ones from eBay that are often 3-5 year grade vinyl.


We can not be held responsible for incorrectly or badly installed products.  We strongly advise that you read the fitting instructions and pay particular attention to cleaning, and above all, take your time when installing your decal.

Some surfaces may be unsuitable for the application of vinyl graphics and should be checked for suitability or contamination prior to fitting.  Please contact us if you are unsure.

In some circumstances, rather than returning a faulty or defective product, we may ask for photographic evidence in order to speed up the process.

Above all your satisfaction is our priority.  If you need any help or advice prior to fitting, please feel free to contact us.  If you would like to see a vinyl fitted prior to attempting installation yourself, watch some youtube videos to familiarize yourself - FITTING VINYL GRAPHICS YOUTUBE VIDEOS

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